Tools to surf the chaos of life together

Are you feeling anxious about navigating life? Growing up is complicated, especially without a good, reliable emotional manual to guide us.  Our parents sure could do with one too!  If you are an adult, you long for reliable guidance - for living your own life. Especially if you are a parent, it is important to demonstrate healthy survival to your children.  Although we might not have learnt these skills while growing up, it is never too late to upgrade our understanding, our coping mechanisms, and the quality of our relationships.  Under these trying times, life can be even more overwhelming and helpful knowledge comes in very handy.

After 25 years of working with men and women, teenagers, adults, parents and other psychologists, Eleen felt the need to share some key tools and tips she found especially valuable in upgrading relationships into more joy and ease.  She found that there are a couple of basic tools that she keeps on teaching most of her clients, with great results, and these essential teachings and tools she summarises here in 7 sessions with practical tools, examples and demonstrations.  You will experience it as if you were sitting in her healing space - now in your own time and in your own place.  

There is only one way to know what works for you:  try it out! 

Everyone, young & old, men & women, can benefit from this foundational information.

Based on modern psychology and expressive arts therapy,

blended with ancient body-wisdom traditions offering the best support from both worlds.

Knowing how your body and psyche works, and having tools to transform emotions into productive and creative expressions, will alleviate stress and anxiety. We aim to give teachings based on modern psychology and trauma research, blended with ancient body-wisdom traditions offering practical support that will help your mind understand and work with the organic nature of your biology and your psyche.

Would YOU like tools to upgrade your relationships?

Firstly to yourself, and then to the rest of the world...

The original impetus for putting this foundational information together came from a wish to offer support to young people growing up in a highly stressful environment by giving them a broad framework for healing and personal growth. There are so many available tools from the psychotherapy and integrative mind-body-art therapy field that I teach teenagers and adults in my practice, with positive effects. I am repeatedly seeing wonderful results in lives that increase with ease and joy. "SiStars ~ Safe Spaces for Growth and Healing" was born - a course putting the most essential skills and understanding together. The tools, however, are universal and useful to the whole range of my clients - teenagers, adults, males & females, students & professionals & creatives, everyone! This course is now on offer to all my clients and those too far for face-to-face sessions. Previous clients wanting to brush up on the knowledge we shared will also find this course to be a great resource.

What you will receive:

Included in the Foundational Course of Grow & Heal:

  • Seven (7) informative teaching sessions giving insight into optimal human functioning

  • Seven (7) practical exercises to increase mental, emotional and physical health

  • Seven (7) creative prompts to increase personal expression

  • Tools to gain insight in your own and other's feelings and needs.

  • A framework for a new way of communicating to get your needs met

  • Extra resources for the inquiring mind

  • Building a strong foundation for continued healing and growing

What participants experienced:

18 years old, living in Gauteng, South Africa

by Sithle

“I see the journey that I went on and actually finding myself… finding the idea of what it is I want to be. Because, of course, I am not fully there yet! It was really, really powerful, and I would love to do it again!” .

20 years old, living in Pretoria, South Africa

by Cara

“I have struggled for most of my adult life to let go of control and, in turn, let go of the pain. It was incredible to see that I have many different creative ways at my disposal to let go of the pain.”

I have come to know myself more deeply because of the amazing space she helps co-create to help me just be.

33 year old academic from Pretoria

by Dr Andani

"Eleen is a lightworker, she can transform energy and has helped me process and express feelings I had no idea even existed. I have come to know myself more deeply because of the amazing space she helps co-create to help me just be."

We are never too old to learn and grow!

64 years old, living in Toronto, Canada

by Jan

"I am 64 years old, but inside I actually feel 16 years old, having to invent myself in a new way, in a new phase of life... and I wish I had these skills and tools shared by Eleen earlier!"


  • More insight & self-knowledge

  • Learn easy, practical tools for growth & healing

  • Improved mental health & flexibility

  • Increased emotional intelligence & body awareness

  • Overcome creative blocks & express your authentic self

  • Discover creative ways to deal with stress & anxiety

  • A fun and creative experience!

"Grow & Heal ~ Tips & Tools to upgrade human connections" is created and facilitated by Eleen Polson

A registered psychologist with 25 years of experience in individual and group psychotherapy.

Eleen specialises in expressive arts therapy and trauma release. She integrates traditional psychotherapeutic insight with the unique and powerful therapeutic contributions of bodywork, breathwork, music, movement and mindfulness. Eleen lives in Pretoria, South Africa, with her husband of 28 years. She is the mother of two young men (16 and 19), with many creative projects up her sleeve. Eleen enjoys sharing her explorations in writings, youtube tutorials, articles, radio and television (see her website for more information). Eleen has developed and facilitated countless workshops and retreats for teenagers and adults across Southern Africa over the past 15 years. She witnessed the life-transforming effect of creative group processes first-hand. Eleen is excited about bringing the creative connections to an even broader virtual community, especially the younger generation whose creative skills the future of humanity rests.


  • Who can join this course?

    All humans can benefit from these teachings and tools. Any person can buy the course material.

  • How long will it take?

    In the Foundation course, there are seven sessions of approximately 30-minutes viewing time each with a selection of exercises. That could amount to approximately an hour per week for four weeks. You can go through the material in your own time.

  • What if it doesn’t work for me?

    If you find that this is not working for you in the first week, let us know, and we will refund you in full. However, good habits take repetition and time to stick. You are encouraged to make sure you have given the process a fair chance.

Research is showing that these stressful times of isolation leads to mental health issues, especially under young people.

Why? Connection is a biological necessity to ensure our physical and mental health and well-being. The tools taught here facilitates connection.

There is a considerable increase in anxiety, depression and loneliness that is often self-medicated with addictions to drugs, food, social media or sex. With schools being closed and social distancing mandatory, people are even more exposed to loneliness, depression and anxiety. Humans can survive and thrive, given the right supportive environment. A healthy, flexible body-mind can transform stress and anxiety. The tools taught in this course will support better functioning, more flexibility in mind, body and emotions, as well as increase effective and enjoyable communication. Over the past 20 years many have experienced this healing space with Eleen and her enthusiastic sharing of her knowledge. The online course is a new addition to her offerings.